Our Script for our collaborative video:
What if...
a teacher in Canada (Ms. Peters) and a teacher in Illinois (Ms. Barnstable) and a teacher in Arizona (Mr Creighton), gave an assignment to their students.

What if...
the assignment asked kids to look for the things that people long ago used to fear or thought were magic or thought could only be powers of gods? Then later to equate these in the creation of modern 'superheroes'...

What if...
the three sets of students already knew each other because they'd connected before in educational programs, and they came up with the idea of helping each other with the assignment. (Their teachers need never know they were doing each other's homework!)

What if...
This "PLAY" were written out and acted by kids from the 3 schools, video taped, and pieced together?

That's the purpose of this page. To write such a script! Go for it!

(Open on a classroom in Oak Park, IL. students are sitting at their white apple computers listening to their teacher. Each is seated in a blue wheel chair and their teacher is seated in a gray office/teacher chair behind a big gray desk.)

Teacher: Check Wikispaces for the new assignment! I'll be back in a minute.
(As the teacher leaves, we hear the clicking of mouses and typing as the students log onto wikispaces.)
Student 1: So we are going to study ancient gods... their country, their powers, everything! Then it leads to how modern times have changed gods to superheros.
Student 2: That is so much work! Why do we have to do all of that in... a month! We only have 45 minutes a day to work on it!
Student 3:(bored) I don't want to worry about this. I'm going to IM my cousin in Arizona and my penpal in Canada.
Student 1: (mad) Stop wasting time! We can't waste a minute or we won't get this project done!
Student 3: Hey look! My penpal says that she isn't doing anything in her computer class.
Student 2: So what!
Student 3: And my cousin says that his class has nothing to do too.
Student 1: What's your point?
Student 3: We could ask them to help us with this project! That we we only have a third of the work!
Student 2: But we aren't allowed to do that!
Student 3: We don't have to tell the teacher.
Student 1: I guess it could work....
Student 3: I'll see if they''ll do it.
(We hear her typing to her penpal and cousin then hitting send. The 3 students wait a few seconds in silence.)
Student 3: My penpal said ok!
(Another few silent seconds.)
Student 3: My cousin said ok too! Now we can get this finished!

Meanwhile at Lcc in Montreal... (Version 1 from 7A)

Student 1 : Hey, I just got an email from my penpal. He wants us to help him do his school project.

Student 2 : Why would we do that? Its just extra work. I say we tell him to get off his lazy…

Student 3 : Im in. Itll be fun its not like we are to busy with anything.

Student 1 : So what should we tell my penpal?

Student 3 : Lets ask our teacher.

Student 2 : Fine I guess ill be in if our teacher says ok.

Student 2 : Mrs. Peters? My penpal wants us to help him and his school with his project. What do you think?

Teacher: We are very busy with things I don’t think it would be such a great idea.

Student 2 : You guys heard her, lets just get back to our work…

Student 1 : What work? We are not doing anything in class.

Student 3 : Exactly. Let’s do it anyways.

Student 1 : So I told my penpal that we are in.

Student 2: What now?

Student 1,2 & 3: Let’s get started!

THE REAL LCC SCRIPT - (Version 2 from 7E)
(Meanwhile, back in Canada)
Penpal: Hey guys! I just got a message from my Penpal in Oak Park, Illinois. They want us to help them out with a God Gallery. Want to help them out?

Lazy student: Aw man! No, let`s just sit here and do nothing. Hey Ryan, check if there are any cookies left from lunch.

Student 1: Be quiet Griffin! I think we should help them out. Who’s with me?

Everyone: Ya! Let’s do it!

Student 1: So how do we start this God Gallery?

Penpal: Well we have to each look up an ancient God. Find out their history, what country they came from, and if they may have lead to the idea for a super hero today.

Student 2: But this is a lot of work to get done in 45 minutes, even for two schools!

Student 3: Well what are we going to do? We promised our friends in Oak Park that
We would help!

Student 1: We should divide up the work!

Student 2: No! We should all work one God after the other!

Lazy kids: Eat doughnuts!

Student 3: You guys have no idea what your talking about!

(Whole class yells at each other, saying random stuff)

Kid comes up with idea to talk to his friend in Chandler, Arizona.

Student 4: Guys wait! Stop arguing! I have a solution! Since this is too much work for even two classes, I just asked my friend in Chandler, Arizona if he would like to help us out and…he said…that his whole class would help!

(Class celebrates)

Student 2: But how are we going to communicate with the other classes?

Student 1: We can ask Mrs. Peters if we can have a video conference on Skype!

Lazy Student: Or, we can take a nap.

Student 3: Stop Griffin! Ok, I’ll go ask Mrs. Peters.

(Student comes back with Mrs. Peters)

Mrs. Peters: Alright class, I heard about our dilemma, and I’m going to need your undivided attention if we are going to complete this project. Lucky for us, I have a friend in Chandler, Mr. Creighton. I worked with him on this amazing project called GVC a few years ago. It is a project where three schools from different parts of the world come together and create a website. It’s a lot of fun! Kind of like right now!

Penpal: Alright guys! Let’s get to work!

Santan Jr. High Script

(In a classroom in Chandler, Arizona, Mr. Creighton starts talking to his Advanced Computer class.)

Mr. Creighton: Hello, class, I got an e-mail from a good friend. I worked with her a few years ago. She is from Canada and has a class that would like to make a webpage with us on a website called GVC.

Student 1: Yeah, I got an email from my cousin that lives in Chicago. He asked if our class wanted to help him with GVC. I said "Yes, but I would ask my class first."

Mr. Creighton: So, who would like to do this?

(Class): Alright, lets do this!!!

Mr. Creighton: Okay, I will send an email to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Barnstable. Mrs. Barnstable's class is from Chicago, Illinois and Mrs. Peters' class is from Canada..

Student 1: So what do we do now?

Mr. Creighton: Go to w-w-w.nicenet.org.

(You can hear students typing on their computers.)

Student 2: What's my username?

Mr. Creighton: You can create your own username and password, just let me know what it is.

Student 3: How are we supposed to communicate with the others? Is there a blog or something?

Mr. Creighton: Yes actually there is a blog.

Student 4: Sweet! That is totally awesome!!!

(You hear students typing away to their other partners.)

Student 2: Wait, what are we going to do this project on?

Mr. Creighton: We are going to do this on ancient Gods and Goddesses. We will also create our own superheroes.

Student 2: This is gonna be soo much fun and exciting!