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Amethyest.gif Superhero name: Amethyst

Gender: Female

Short physical description:

-She has brown hair and purple eyes
-She has a purple and white dress and an A on the dress for Amethyst
-She wears white boots
-She also wears white gloves
-She wears a crystal necklace around her neck
-She also has a white mask that covers her eyes
- Hight 5.8
-She has also a white cape and taned colored skin

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10:

Shape shifting-10, invisibility-9, flight-9, healing-8, immortal-10, ice control-10, telepathy-6
Weakness-Warm places

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:


Boogie Man:

Zac Cimi:

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Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:

• Huehuecoyt
• Boogie Man
• Zac Cimi
• Horus
• Zeus
• Goddesses of China
• Vietnam - Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh
• Australian God
• Japan – Amaterasu
• Anubis - details

Amethyst: Queen of the Universe

It was a very hot summer day in Miami, Florida. Classes at St. Marlins School were finishing and summer holidays were beginning. When the bell rang, kids were screaming, running out of the school, jumping with joy, except one. Her name was Megan, a young 16 year old girl with brown hair and rare lavender colored eyes. She was a normal girl leading an ordinary life. Although she was happy the way she was, she had no friends. People thought she was weird, always talking to herself, never wanting to do projects with others. She liked it that way and nobody could change her. That day, the students were leaving school excited to finally be on vacation, but Megan was not. She walked home alone, her backpack in her arms. For Megan, every summer was the same; she stayed home. However, this summer was different; she didn’t know what surprises to expect…

It was Megan’s birthday that day. When she got home, her mom called her to the kitchen for her to cut the cake and blow out her candles. She didn’t know what to wish for. She thought for a moment of something she had always wanted to be. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and thought to herself ‘’ I wish, I wish, I wish I could be a superhero!’’

That night when she got into bed, she dreamed of what it would be like to have super powers and to be able to save the world. She thought of helping people in danger and maybe stopping a natural disaster on her own. She thought about all the cool powers she would like to have; for example ice control, flying, shape shifting, invisibility, telepathy and powers of immortality. She dreamt her superhero having long, wavy, brown hair that hung down over her left shoulder and rare lavender colored, sparkling eyes just like just like Megan’s. She imagined her in a purple and white dress, white boots and gloves. She had taned colored skin and wore a white mask on her face that covered her eyes and a long white cape that went down to her knees. An Amethyst necklace adorned her neck. Suddenly, Megan woke up and remembered that it as just a dream. She sighed and fell asleep again.

When Megan woke up from her sleep, she felt strange. She was mostly asleep and didn’t know where she was. She got out of bed and looked up. She was shocked. This wasn’t her ordinary boring bedroom; this was a whole new universe. She thought she was still dreaming so she pinched herself but nothing happened. She looked out the window and saw crazy things; flying cars, flying people, monsters and villains. She didn’t know what to say or what to think anymore. What she saw was out of this world. Then she heard a voice saying ‘’ Amethyst, get ready. We have to leave now.’’ Megan was wondering who this Amethyst girl was. The voice was coming closer and closer until the door of the room opened. Two girls, in superhero costumes were standing there at the door screaming at Megan and saying the same thing Megan had heard before. Megan was confused. One thing was certain, her name was not Amethyst. Who were these girls and what did they want from her? Megan looked puzzled ‘’Who are you, where am I and what do you want from me’’ One of the girls giggled and then stopped ‘’There is no time to be funny, we have to leave NOW!’’ Megan was getting upset‘’ I’m not going anywhere with you until you tell me who you two are, why you are in my room and where in the world am I ’’ The girl rolled her eyes and then said in an annoyed voice ‘’ I am Nova and she is Earthquake. We are your best friends. We are now on planet Zurkeon. We are all superheroes on a very important mission and if you do not hurry up I will use my powers and hurt you.’’ Megan suddenly stopped. First of all, she had best friends? That was very surprising to her. Secondly, she was a superhero on a mission. She couldn’t believe it. Her wish actually came true. She was a superhero. Megan needed to know more ‘’What is this mission that we are going on. Are we fighting villains or are we saving the world or…’’ Megan was interrupted by Earthquake ‘’our mission is to save planet Mercury, Nova’s home planet, from her evil step mom, Emathia, who is ruling it and taking everybody as her slaves. She is not caring of the Mercurians, those are what the people from Mercury are called, and she is draining all their power and keeping it for herself. If we don’t stop Emathia soon, the Mercurians could die and the planet could be destroyed.’’ Megan was so excited. She could actually become a superhero and save people’s lives. While Megan was daydreaming about her new superhero life, Nova grabbed her arm and shouted at Megan ‘’So are you in?’’ Megan didn’t even need to think. She nodded in agreement to Nova and Earthquake ‘’Alright, I’m in. Where do we begin…?

After the girl’s left Megan’s room, Nova and Earthquake were going to bring Megan to their spaceship so they can get to Mercury. On the way their, Megan couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She had so many questions about everything. What she really wanted to know was if she had powers. Nova and Earthquake looked at Megan like she was crazy. Nova said laughing ‘’Well of course you have powers silly. This is planet Zurkeon, one of the magical, famous, powerful places in the universe. Everyone has powers hear.’’ Suddenly Megan got a big smile on her face. She was very curious of what her powers might be, but she didn’t want to bother Nova or Earthquake because they looked pretty annoyed. They finally arrived at the spaceship. Earthquake clapped her hands twice and the door opened. The girls all went in the spaceship and they were ready to go. ‘’Off to Mercury!’’

When they arrived at Mercury, everything seemed dark and gloomy not liked Zurkeon. The Mercurians did not look at all happy and looked very sick. Earthquake asked one of them where the empress Emathia’s palace was. The dingy looking Mercurian pointed to a tall mountain on the other side of Mercury. That was where Emathia lived, that was where all the power was and that was where they were off to. On their way there they, encountered some of Emathia’s guards who were very powerful and did everything she told them to. Megan was scared. She didn’t have powers and even if she did, she didn’t know haw to use them. One of the guards shouted to the others ‘’Attack the intruders’’ Nova and Earthquake were getting ready to attack. Megan remembered the dream she had and all the power she was wishing she had. All of a sudden, the amethyst necklace around her neck and her white gloves her white gloves started glowing. A blast of ice came out of her gloves and froze one of the guards. She had powers. She pointed at another guard and more ice came out of her gloves and froze another guard. She then jumped in the air and started to fly. Suddenly a blast of power came strait at here and knocked her unconscious. She was down.

When she woke up, she found herself in a very dark room and empty room. She called for Nova and Earthquake but they didn’t respond. Then she herd footsteps coming down the hall. The door of the room opened and a women in a black dress and hair and stepped into the room. ‘’You are Amethyst, daughter of King Golacto?’’ Megan responded ‘’No, I’m Megan, daughter of George.’’ The woman was angry. ‘’Do not talk back to your queen, Emathia like that!’’ Megan remembered that that was the one she had to destroy. ‘’You won’t get away with your plan to take over Mercury. My friends and I will stop you!’’ A smile suddenly appeared on Emathia’s face. ‘’You can not defeat me! I am now the most powerful living thing in the world!’’ Then she walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. Megan, or shall we say Amethyst, didn’t know what to do. She sat on the floor and started to think. She had ice control and flight but that couldn’t help her get out of that room. She thought and thought until she remembered in her dream she had shape shifting powers. So she thought hard about shifting into a puddle so she can slip under the door. All of a sudden she started to melt into a puddle. She slipped under the door and the came back to her normal self. She had to find Nova and Earthquake and stop Emathia.

After searching everywhere in the castle, Amethyst finally found Nova and Earthquake. Though the cell they were in was unbreakable. Nova told Amethyst to go and stop Emathia herself and that she didn’t have a lot of time to stop her. Only Amethyst can stop her now. She jumped off the ground and started to fly around the palace looking for Emathia. Finally, Amethyst came to a big door. She opened it and saw Emathia sitting on her big black thrown staring at Amethyst with her glowing red eyes. She got up and yelled ‘’So that’s how you want to be, so be it!’’ Emathia pointed her arm at the door and it closed. Amethyst was beginning to be a bit scared but she new she had to stop Emathia. Everybody was counting on her. She stopped for a moment and started to think. How could a girl like her who just figured out her powers stop a woman like Emathia who has all powers? Amethyst turned invisible so that it can give her more time to think. She figured out what she can do. She could use her telepathy powers to see what she is thinking. She might even say her weakness. Amethyst listened really hard to everything around her. Then she herd Emathia’s voice. Her telepathy powers were working. Emathia seemed nervous in her thoughts. ‘’I hope that that Amethyst girl doesn’t find out that I am goddess of fire. I mean she is a smart girl but she couldn’t figure it out’’ Emathia explained in her head. That was it. Water! Water was Emathia’s weakness. Though Amethyst knew she had no water powers; but she did have ice control and ice is water but frozen. So Amethyst took her hand and directed it at Emathia. Her necklace started glowing and BAM! A blast of ice came right out of her gloves and hit right at Emathia’s heart. When the ice hit her, it started to melt and it became water. Emathia was screaming ‘’You defeated me! You defeated me but how?’’ Amethyst said while watching Emathia melt ‘’If you never give up, then you will always succeed!’’ Amethyst turned around and left the room with a smile on her face.

She went back to the cell where Nova and Earthquake were and saw that they were still ok. ‘’You did it Amethyst! You saved Mercury! My home planet is saved thanks to you!’’ Nova said jumping for joy as she busted out of the cell which was melting. Amethyst added ‘’It wasn’t me who just saved Mercury, you guy’s helped too. If it wasn’t for you convincing me to come, I would be still at home shocked about the cool powers I have.’’ Earthquake took Amethyst by the arm and told her ‘’Do you know what that means? You saved a planet and the people. That makes you the queen of your home planet Zurkeon!’’ Nova smiled and said ‘’That doesn’t just make her Queen of planet Zurkeon, that makes her Amethyst; Queen of the Universe!’’