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snojo2.jpg Superhero name : Sno-Jo
Gender: Female

Short physical description:
Dog like features
Miny paws that can help her turn on a dime
Muscular arms and legs
Black, curly fur
Standard sized dog

Super Speed (8)
Jumbo Jump (5)
Super Hearing (6)
Shapeshifter of her own body (9)
Snow Controller (10)
Can deke out any enemy in her path (8)

Reference from the God Gallery:
Zac Cimi

10 gods and goddesses from the god gallery and Nicenet:
-Zac Cimi

-Native Candian Sea God
-The Rainbow Snake
-Trickster God
-God Izanagi + Godess Izanami

The Clash of the Weather

Not too long ago, in a city named Archville, a mayor that was always very happy and joyful, died. No one knew why, but they all think that he committed suicide. Since there was never any crime in the city, this was the only prediction they could think of. Everyone was looking for the town hero, Sno-Jo, to help them solve the problem of who actually killed him or if he killed himself. No one could find her, but someone found paw prints in the snow. All the accumulated snow on the ground could only mean one thing. Sno-Jo was around and she wasn’t very happy at all. She had probably used her super crystals to see what all the commotion was about.

A few days passed and still no one could find good enough evidence to solve this case. One very keen boy named Timmy wanted to see old Mayor Mike Darnastoff. Mike, as all citizens called him, was in Town Hall in a coffin. Like usual, Timmy did not think twice about his consequences and ran off to Town Hall to check out the corpse of Mike. When Timmy arrived, the body of Mike was pale in the face, but Timmy just ignored the fact that he was messing around with a dead body… (Or we think) Suddenly, Mike’s eyes opened. Timmy could see the colour of his eyes changing colors and shapes. It appeared to look like two gleaming suns on a hot summer day. As much as Timmy wanted to look away, he couldn’t do it. His eyes had been locked on to the brightest part of the eye, which was the pupil, brighter than any sun Timmy had ever seen before. All you heard from that moment on was the slightest crackling noise.

Timmy had not been in the hospital for very long, but was probably going to be scarred for a while. The doctors told his mother that he had some sort of internal damage in his eyes around the back of the eye. The doctors were extremely confused why he was inside when this happened only because the brightest lights could only affect him. “I thought I told you not to snoop around Mike’s body!” cried his mother “I know, but I just couldn’t help it. I just wanted to help everyone find the reason why he died…” replied Timmy “You’re very lucky that Sno-Jo came to your rescue.”
“Oh, really, she did? But I can’t seem to remember any point on until I touched his old wrinkly face.”
“The doctors said once you burnt your eyes some how, you fell and hit your head on the floor. You only suffered a minor concussion.”

Since Sno-Jo was in town, she stayed at Timmy’s house with his family. That was the only way they could re-pay her. She told her that when she heard a burning sound, she didn’t think that it was a crackling of a fire. So she ran as fast as she could to the rescue. As weeks past, Mike’s body was still laying in Town Hall. Sno-Jo very carefully investigated the body for hours. Since her snowy paws could feel things that were extremely different, she discovered that burns had killed Mike. That only meant one thing to her. The Sun Emperors had taken control of his body by killing him.

Sno-Jo returned to Montreal to live with her ordinary family named the Caplans, who had no clue that she could talk and do all those super powers. She disguised herself as a poodle named Libby or nicknamed Jojo. As normal January weather passed, she couldn’t be any lazier than just hang around the couch all day and occasionally go outside with a boy named Alex.

But, one day she heard abnormal burning and sizzling sounds that sounded like they came from Archville. As soon as this happened, she of course scratched on the window pretending like she needed to get her breakfast out of her system. Like always, she would be let outside and gallop her way instantly from Montreal - -t-o- - Archville. In seconds she’d arrive and be ready to battle with anything that crossed her path.

Like last time, she had found her way to Town Hall. This was not an ordinary thing that happened. She ran inside and saw Mike with fire in his eyes and hands that looked like mini suns. She knew instantly he was possessed by the Sun Emperors. “You’ve finally shown up to take the challenge.” Said Mike “Ya, and you’ve got a problem about the night time…” replied Sno-Jo as she snickered away about her own joke

They battled and battled and it seemed like days, but it was only minutes. She was worrying if her masters were going to recognize if she was not in the neighbour’s backyard or in her own. She thought to herself, let’s end this thing now, and so she sucked in a gigantic gulp of air and started crying by make the snow that was going to defeat all Sun Emperors from then on. She cried her brains out and saw that Mike had no hope of winning. Mike dropped to his knees and his eyes went back to normal and he thanked Sno-Jo for saving him and Archville. But since she defeated the Emperors, suddenly an eclipse came to life.

She ran home and her masters were too busy into conversation about the eclipse that they didn’t realize that she was outside for ten minutes. After having a hard day’s effort, she cuddled with the humans pretending she was an ordinary dog named Libby.