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Superhero name: Dark Violet

Gender: Female

Dark_Violet1.jpgShort Description:
Black hair, gold eyes in the night, purple eyes in the morning, skinny and pale skin.


1. Illusions 9
2. Invisibility 7
3. Flight 8
4. Wind control 10
5. Healing 8
6. Force field 10
7. Telepathy 10
8. Dark control 7
9. Time Control 8
10. Water/Ice Control 9


Daramulum Sky god-
Ao-Chin Southern Ocean Dragon -
Amaterasu Sun Goddess-

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the doc

uments section of Nicenet:

Amaterasu, Athena,Ukko, __Bastet__, Hathor, Ao-Chin, Ares- Nut, Baset, A Bunch, Pluto


In the year 1997, there was a mysterious girl named Violet. She lived in London England. Her parents died when she was 12 years old in a car crash. Violet’s right eye was blinded. Now she lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother is a fortune teller for this TV show called Spooks and Wisdoms. Since her parents died, Violet stayed pretty quiet and didn’t trust anyone.

One night, her grandmother called Violet for her December fortune. “At midnight, you’ll feel the wind and the ice cold in your room, then you’ll see everyone and everything will be completely,” said her grandmother. Violet never believed her grandmothers fortunes, but she has to listen them. “Okay, then what?” asked Violet. As her Grandmother continued, she said “You’ll hear voices in your head and you’ll feel as light as a swan feather.” “Grandma, its 10:00 pm now so maybe you should go to sleep,” said Violet impatiently. Her grandmother got up from her favourite chair and went upstairs. Violet went to her room and said, “Magic, there is no such thing as magic, besides, it’s only a silly fortune.” She went to sleep.

It was midnight and Violet started shivering. “Burr…..its sooo cold,” said Violet She got up and went to the bathroom to get her robe. She turned the water faucet on and water didn’t come out. She asked herself, “Why isn’t the water running, that’s strange?” Then she heard voices in her head. Violet panicked, “What’s going on, why are there voices in my head?!” Violet looked down and she saw her body flying. Then she looked up and her eyes were as gold as topaz jewels. “My grandmother was right, her fortune is true,” she said panicking. She closed her eyes and said to herself “Don’t freak out, don’t freak out.” After a few seconds, Violet opened her eyes. Everything was back to normal. She looked at the mirror, her eyes were still gold. She fainted.

The next morning, she woke up. Her grandmother was next to her. “You were right, your fortune is true,” Violet said in a tired voice. “Your eyes are back to normal, but I have a story to tell you,” said her grandmother as she gave her a cup of tea. Violet got up and drank her tea. “Our ancestors were sorcerers. Their mission was to defeat vampire demons from the underworld. Females were powerful and sacred to our ancestors. Each generation, our family has to defeat the great demon vampire Dracula. Now it is your turn to defeat the demon Vampire Dracula, Dark Violet,” said her grandmother. “Wait, so I have to defeat vampires, but what about these powers?” asked Violet. “How will I defeat them?” Her grandmother scratched her head and said, “These powers were here with you when you were born my dear. When you’re 16 years old, your powers awaken from its slumber.” Violet didn’t understand her powers that well, but she knows that she has to defeat the demon vampires for her ancestors. If she doesn’t defeat him, Dracula will kill everyone in the family, including Violet. Then he will go after everyone.

At school, Violet was at her locker getting her science and history books. She sees girls wearing cool new blouses and hot black skirts from this shop called Miss Selfridge in downtown London. She looks at herself. All she has is a dark purple shirt from her passed away mother and torn black jeans. Violet went to her science class. She sees a note that says “You’re a loser”. She looked at the note carefully and saw the initials S.M. It was Susan Moore. She is the Queen of Clifton High School, she has very long dirty blonde hair and all the girls who wear pink or red is one of her click. “Hey loser, get my purse,” said Susan. “Why should I?” asked Violet. “Because I order you to and I am Queen of Clifton High School,” said Susan in the angriest tone ever. “In your dreams Susan,” said Violet in the calmest voice ever. The science teacher, Mr. Kennings, came in. Everyone sat down. “Class, we have a new student,” said Mr. Kennings. A young girl who had platinum blonde hair, icy-grey eyes with a hint of turquoise and tanned skin came in the science lab. She sat next to Violet. “You may share Violet’s books,” said Mr. Kennings. Violet showed her the science books but then she heard a screech in her head. “Mr. Kennings, can I go to the bathroom?” asked Violet. Mr. Kennings nodded. Violet ran outside the building and saw a vampire demon that was planning to attack one of the students. “OH NO, that girl found me!” screeched the vampire demon. “Yes I did,” said Violet in her calm voice, but as she raised her voice she said “But…….its time for you to go back to the underworld!” She started to fly and used her dark powers to defeat the demon vampire. Her blast hit its wing. The demon vampire was about to use its crimson whip until a huge blast blasted it. Violet looked back. She saw the new girl. “Who are you?” asked Violet. “I am Atlantis, but my real name is Kirsten,” said the mysterious girl. “My name is Violet, but I’m really Dark Violet,” said Violet. “We should go back in,” said Atlantis. “Okay, thank you for helping me defeat the demon vampire,” said Violet. “No problem,” said Atlantis.

After school, Violet called her grandmother. “Grandma, I defeated a vampire demon,” said Violet. “That’s good, but now Dracula knows that Dark Violet is back,” said her grandmother in her serious voice. “He will come after you.” “I know, but I made a new friend. Her name is Kirsten and she is also a super hero,” said Violet. “Very well, but if she knows about the vampire demon Dracula, then you should work together,” said her grandmother. “Okay, got to go, Kirsten is calling me,” said Violet. “Be careful,” said her grandmother. Violet turned her cell phone off. “Violet, lets go,” said Kirsten. Violet and Kirsten went to the ice cream parlor. “I know about Dracula, he may be coming soon,” said Kirsten. Violet heard voices in her head. “I hear Dracula,” said Violet. “He is saying he is coming tonight at the Arts Museum.” “Well then, let’s go defeat Dracula,” said Kirsten.

It was 9:00pm; Dark Violet and Atlantis were ready to defeat Dracula. “I feel the underworld,” said Violet. A black tornado came and it was Dracula. “Well, if it isn’t Dark Violet,” said Dracula. Violet used her ice blast and didn’t affect him. “You’re normal attacks don’t work, use you’re dark magic,” said Dracula and then laughed. “Atlantis, use your magic blasts on him,” said Dark Violet. “Okay,” said Atlantis. She used her Magic Blasts. Dracula dodged them. “Ha ha! You can’t defeat me,” said Dracula. “Not for long!” shouted Dark Violet. “What?!” asked Dracula in shock. The Dark control blasts hit him so badly he disappeared. “Violet, where are you?” asked Atlantis. “Over here,” said Violet. She came down slowly. “Did you use Invisibility?” asked Atlantis. “Yes,” said Dark Violet. “We did it.” “Let’s go home.” “Good Idea,” said Atlantis. “I’m tired.”

2 years later…………..

It was graduation day. Violet got 12 medals for all the hard work she did and Kirsten got 11 medals. Susan came up to Violet. “Hey loser,” said Susan. “Hey Susan,” said Violet. Violet pointed at Susan and then Susan flew up to the tree. “Ahh! Get me down loser!!!” screamed Susan. “Sorry, can’t,” said Violet. Kirsten laughed at the trick. “Let’s go to the movies,” said Violet. “Okay,” said Kirsten. Violet understands her powers very well. Now she lives a normal life and made a friend who has powers too. Before the movies started, a demon named Dark Lantern came to destroy electricity. “OH BOY,” said Violet and Kirsten together. “Here we go again.”

The End