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earthquake.gif Superhero name : earthaquake
Gender: female

Short physical description:
Earthquake has big purple eyes and is very strong she has
Very long blond hair. Earthquake has very big feet. Her
Body suite is all purple with white; she is also very very very tall!
Earthquake also has a dark tan.

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
Fly: 9
Invisibility: 8
Magic: 10
Super strength: 10
Controlling of earthquakes: 10
Healing: 9
Super speed: 9
Gadgets: 5
Super sight: 9
Super hearing:10

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:
Rainbow snake

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:
Rainbow snake
Boogie man
Jade emperor

The Earthaquake

Earthaquake was standing at the top of the mountain; suddenly she started shaking and realized that an earthquake had shaken the whole village. She couldn’t believe it! “How could this happen!” She thought. “I am the only one that can make earthquakes happen.” Earthaquake is the only one who has the power to make one!
She was really upset and decided that she had to find out the person who did this earthquake. She could not allow someone to have the same powers as her. No way can’t this be, she is Earthaquake!

So the next morning Earthaquake woke up and went to look for her friends Amethyst and Nova, perhaps they might know who had the powers to make an earthquake. She told them how shocked she was about the horrible thing that had happened. They were very quiet at first, but then started saying oh wow who could have done that! She was very suspicious, because they had a smile on their face, so maybe they knew what was going on and who did it. She could feel that they knew something. However, Earthaquake knew that they would not tell her who was behind it all. She thought if she asked more questions about it, maybe they would help her figure it out.

That afternoon, she went back to her house and tried to call Nova, but there was no answer, so Earthaquake called Amethyst, but no answer there as well. At that moment she was very upset; because she knew they were lying to her and were not telling her the truth. She thought they were her friends and she felt betrayed.

Earthaquake looked everywhere for them and was exhausted, so she went to the coffee shop to take her mind off of this problem. That obviously did not work, because she saw Nova and Amethyst at the coffee shop. They were all very surprised to see each other, but at first they pretended they did not see Earthaquake, so they both left the coffee shop. She ran after them and since Earthaquake has super speed she did catch up to them. She asked them why they ran away from her, but they didn’t answer. She told them they needed to talk, so they all went over to Earthaquake’s house. Earthaquake asked them if they were really telling her the truth about the earthquake. They were denying it again, so they got into an argument and fought. She couldn’t believe that her friends were lying to her. Earthaquake was so upset! Amethyst and Nova could not keep it inside any longer, so they finally admitted they were lying. They said they wanted to become the superheroes and wanted Earthaquake out. She was so surprised that her friends would do this to her. Earthaquake told them that it would never happen. Nova blurted out we did it! They admitted that they were lying before and that they were very sorry. Earthaquake asked them why they would do this. Earthaquake is the only superhero that can do it. Amethyst replied that they both used their powers together and they did not know what was going to happen and an earthquake ended up happening. They all fought for awhile and Earthaquake felt betrayed! They are suppose to be her best friends and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She ran out the house crying and suddenly Earthaquake opened her eyes and realized it was all a bad dream. She really felt it happened, but she was happy that it was only a dream.