Daniel's Page (aka Kozy's page)

Eletricman.jpgSuperhero name: Lightning man

Gender: Male

Short physical description:

-body made of ice

-face of a clown

-carries an electric bolt

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10

Fire Control 8/10

Ice control 6/10

Super strength 7/10

Invulnerability 10/10

Radar Senses 9/10

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero: The 3 mythological characters that inspired me from the G-d Gallery were the Rainbow Snake, Jupiter and Hades

1. The Rainbow Snake

2. Azban

3. The Jade Emperor.

4. Zeus

5. Athena

6. Jupiter http://www.nicenet.org/ICA/class/document_show.cfm?document_id=929530

7. Altjira

8. Juno

9. Yen-Lo-Wang

10. Hades http://www.nicenet.org/ICA/class/document_show.cfm?document_id=929639

The Beginning......

There lived a man, just an ordinary man who worked day and night performing for young kids at a circus. This gentleman goes by the name of Cameron Tompson. He lived in the city called Boltville. One day as Cam was walking down a dock near the canal in Youngton, he ran into a gang. He looked at each and every one of them. As soon as they started to approach the young man, it began to rain, but not just rain, a lot of thunder as well. Cam couldn’t come up with anything but to pick a fight. The fight didn’t last long. The rebels took all of Cam’s belongings. At this point, Cam was thrown into the canal. The cruel men ran as fast as they could. While Cam was in the canal, the lighting hit the water and Cam was no where to be seen. When struck by lighting, it’s almost impossible to be alive unless you’re brought to the hospital. This was a different story. Somehow the young man floated back up to the shore alive. He looked really different. As he got out of the water, he realized that from the lighting stroke, he had been giving superpowers. His face was turned into a clown; his body was made of ice (neutrons and electrons from the lightning). He also carried a huge lighting bolt. From that day on Cam Tompson was known as Lightning man! He was furious of what the cruel gang had did to him, so with his Radar senses and ice control, decided to find them, freeze their hideout and strike it with his bolt. As soon as the hero arrived at the hideout his plan worked and he killed all 8 of them. But something was discovered about the people who he killed. They were under the order of Jake Morrisette, who will soon become Lightning man’s arch nemesis Magmania, as well as Cam’s hated person. As the night went on, crime started to roll through the Streets of Boltville. And the only person who could stop this, well no other then Lightning man himself.

The Next day, Cam had found out that his powers only come back to him at night. But what he doesn’t realize is he has super strength and invernalability no matter at what time of the day. This allowed Cam to perform better at the circus and when a criminal would be on the lose, he’d be able to stop them and bring them to the police. Days went by, and Lightning man kept the city of Boltville save and well, you could say quite. But on a cloudy day, a terrible thing happened in Boltville. Magmania spilt lava all around the city. Lightning man, with his radar senses, rushes to where Magmania was. Lightning man froze all the lava and froze his enemy, but that didn’t help. Magmania shot fire balls at the hero. Lightning man was invernalable, so it made him stronger. But that didn’t mater. The weather turned from sunny and beautiful to thundershowers. This gave the super hero a huge advantage to destroy Magmania. The thunder gave Lightning man more power. So with his super freeze, The hero froze his opponent and struck him with his lightning bolt hard, which killed and destroyed Magmania for ever. Boltville was once again saved by their greatest hero no other then Lightning Man. But who will be the next to destroy Boltville……