Daniel's Page

SuperDuck.jpg Superhero name : Super Duck
Gender: Male

Short physical description:
Short, big duck feet, a big beack, he bassicly looks like Dafy Duck.

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
Duck ray, Atomic wing, Super Quack.

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:


Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:

Thor: The Viking God of Thunder, Goddesses of China, Australian God, Vishnu: Indian Hindu God, Anubis, Australia: the Rainbow Snake, Greec, African, Greek, China.

Story: Super Duck

Once upon a time in a town far, far away there was a super hero named Super Duck, he was the most awesome and power full super there was. He could soar high into the sky, swim to the depths of the ocean, he could even survive in space, WOW!!! His powers where the SUPER QUACK, a super sound wave that can deactivate bombs, dismantle nuclear missiles and destroy heavy machinery like planes and tanks. The power he most frequently used was the DUCK RAY which is a powerful ray that can destroy enemies, knock down buildings and if wanted destroy satellites in space. Another power that Super Duck frequently used is the ATOMIC WING, an atomic blast that can destroy just about anything. He was also a master in martial arts and boxing. He drove the Duckenator, a very fast vehicle, with extremely powerful weaponry that can go on just about any terrain, even water.

One day a very long time ago the village of Kanuwakaye was under attack by the evil snake spirit Malabo. He had been living in a cave for thousands of years but when he was awoken buy tourists who thought he was a statue and sat on him, he got so angry that he went and started destroying the village of Kanuwakaye. When the town chief and his counsel got together, they decided that this called for Super Duck. Malabo over heard this talk and got furious and went to hide in another cave. In that cave he started to work out and get stronger because he knew that after a thousand years of sleep he would not even be of the slightest challenge to Super Duck.

When Super Duck got to Kanuwakaye Malabo was ready to battle him. He had worked and worked and worked on getting stronger and could lift an oil tanker as easily as you could lift a twenty pound weight. The fight began, Super Duck started with the DUCK RAY, but it had practically no effect on him. The Malabo swung his tail at Super Duck, Super Duck dodged and Malabo’s tail hit the mountain next to them with shattered into a million pieces. Then Super Duck attempted an ATOMIC WING to try and destroy Malabo, but all it did was give him a little cut. Then Super Duck realized that none of his attacks could do any damage to Malabo and buy running got Malabo to follow him. He ran away to a special place where huge boulders rest on the sides of cliffs and before Malabo got there Super Duck cut the boulders into sharp thin rocks using his DUCK RAY. When Malabo got there Super Duck pushed the sharp, thin boulders on to him and that was the end of Malabo.

Now the story you have just been told is only one of the many amazing stories of Super Duck saving the world once again.