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MrX.jpg Superhero name: Mr. X

Gender: male

Short physical description:
He was incredibly strong, 6 foot 2, dark brown hair combed back with gel and light brown eyes.


Agility 10
Super strength 10
Flight 10
Healing 9
Divine powers 10
Super speed 10
Immortal 8
Invisibility 10
Blast power 10

- Zeus because he is a supreme god of Mount Olympus
- Athena because of her skill and wisdom
- Amatersu because of her powers with light

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About 30 years ago, there was a Chinese king named Ching Gang Boo. Now, Ching Gang Boo did not like to be disturbed is his palace because he had an abundance of top secret work stored there. Every time he would leave, he would lock the door with several different locking mechanisms. What no one knew was that Ching Gang Boo was making an unsuspecting plan to take over the world, country by country, with his partner named Dr. Nguyen who lived in Hong Kong. The only problem that could possibly stand in their way and a pose a threat to their scheme was an exceedingly strong super hero known as Mr. X. The reason why Mr. X was so very strong was because he had super natural powers such as amazing agility, super strength, flight capability, lightning fast healing, divine powers, super speed and blast powers that permit him to shoot lasers from his eyes.

Unfortunately for Mr. X, Ching Gang Boo and Dr. Nguyen had an agenda: to terminate him so that he could not interfere with their evil project to take over the world. Because there were many possibilities that their devilish strategies might not work, they planned to use special chemicals in the air to suffocate him and then lock him up in an indestructible cage so that he could not get out. The following night, the two evil masterminds prepared for their attack on Mr. X. In the meantime, while Mr. X was at home relaxing and watching television, he sensed with his divine powers that something bad was going on. So, he decided to put on his superpower suit and stepped out to investigate. Dr. Nguyen was impatiently waiting for the victim to arrive when Mr. X flew up from behind and captured them. After a few minutes, Mr. X felt disturbingly drowsy and realized that Ching Gang Boo and Dr. Nguyen were wearing gas masks and that there was a chemical in the air that would make him unconscious. Suddenly, Mr. X fell to the ground and released the two suspects. Several hours later, he awakened and found himself in a giant cage. Confident that he is so strong, he used all of his might and strength to bend the bars so he could break free. After at least a couple of minutes, he realized that the bars were impossible to bend. But what Dr. Nguyen did not realize when he built the cage was that Mr. X had more than one super power. He did not remember that he had blast powers that permitted him to shoot extremely hot lasers from his eyes that could melt just about anything. Although it took Mr. X a surprisingly long time to melt the bars, he succeeded in getting out and escaping. When Ching Gang Boo went to check on Mr. X, he was so angry at the discovery that he had escaped that he locked up his co-worker in another cage. He pursued the superhero himself with multiple weapons that were very dangerous and risky to use because they were still prototypes from Dr. Nguyen laboratory. Once again, Mr. X sensed danger coming his way but this time he was ready to face it properly. He Flew out the window of his house and saw Ching Gang Boo coming for him with massive weapons. Even though Ching Gang Boo worried that he had no chance against his opponent, he had a feeling that he would come out of it alive. Flying above Ching Gang Boo and watching his every move, Mr. X flew down towards him and snatched two out of the 3 weapons from his hands and destroyed them in mid air. Now that Ching Gang Boo knew where Mr. X was, he fired the rocket launcher toward him but fortunately missed. In no time at all, Mr. X dropped down twice as fast and snatched the last weapon from Ching Gang Boo and also destroyed it in mid air. Since Ching Gang Boo had no more weapons to shoot, Mr. X made a move on him and tied his hands together with rope that he brought with him and put him in the same cage as Dr. Nguyen where they fought until the police arrived and put them away in jail for ever.

Once again, Mr. X saved the DAY!! YAY!!