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theearthquake.jpg Superhero name :
The Earthquake


The Earthquake V.S. El Diablo
The Earthquake saves the day again

It was a beautiful day in Montreal when, all of the sudden, El Diablo escaped from jail and tried to hold up a bank. Apparently El Diablo was armed with a gun with 200 hostages. This took place at about 8:37pm at the Bank of Montreal on Queen Mary Road. So far, we heard that he has tried to get away with 1 million dollars, 8 diamond rings and 5 blocks of gold. Fortunately, our heroes the Earthquake, the Hurricane and the Tornado flew to the top of the building and entered from the top of the building looking for El Diablo, trying to save as many hostages as possible and trying to get all the money back. The Tornado was assigned to find all the money and get it back while the Earthquake was distracting and fighting El Diablo. The Hurricane was saving hostages while El Diablo was being distracted. While the Earthquake was distracting El Diablo, the Tornado was able to get 1 million dollars back and 5 of the blocks of gold, but no diamond rings. The Hurricane managed to save 192 hostages out of 200. Six of the hostages are in bad condition in the hospital and 2 of them have been shot. The first hostage, Alex Miller, was shot in the head and is dead as well as Jonathon Gold. From an interview with El Diablo and the police he shot them because they both tried to free other people and take the money back. We don’t know for sure if this is the real reason. There remains 3 females and 3 males in bad condition in the hospital. The Earthquake managed to tie El Diablo in a room filled with cameras and lasers all around him. Therefore if he gets out the alarms will go off. He will remain there with full time security until he gives us the diamond rings. When we do get the diamond rings, back he will be going to jail for life. The cops have managed to find 4 of the diamond rings, but El Diablo still knows where the last four of them are. The Earthquake highly requested to get better security because El Diablo managed to get in the bank without an alarm going off and he easily found out codes to rooms and simply walked in through some doors. Now, they are working on having a finger print, a place to swipe a card and typing in your password for every door you walk into. They are also trying to make all doors lock automatically when a fire drill goes off except for the doors that lead to the staircases. Hopefully, these new acquirements will help us and make the world a safer place. Again, we would like to thank our super heroes very much. Who knows what this city could be like without them? Also, we send our regards and we hope that everyone in the hospital will be just fine.

Short physical description:
His body suit is all white. He has brown hair. He wears nice glasses all the time. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall. He has a flap on his wrist and buttons under it to use his different powers. He has a watch that has the time radio, tv, music, camera etc...

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
Agility: 10
Elasticity: 6
Fire Control: 7
Immortal: 10
Chameleon: 8
Flight: 7
Invisibility: 9
Super Speed: 10
Magnetism: 8
Super Hearing: 7

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:
The Rainbow Snake (



Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet: