Hailey's Page

Glam.jpgSuperhero name: Glam

Gender: Female

Short physical description:

She has long wavy red hair, blue eyes, and is tall and lanky. She always her signature big black sunglasses and is always in style. You will never see her in the same outfit twice. She fights off villains mostly males with her beauty and glamour. She fights off the girls with her ability to be their best friends. Her nails shoot out bullets.


Attractive female (the ability to trick people using her beauty) 10

Intellect 8

Chameleon (she has the ability to change her appearance) 9

Insanely Rich 7

Gadgets 6

Her nails shoot out bullets

WEAKNESS- REALLY Attractive males

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:

Hera- http://gvc06temp06.virtualclassroom.org/godgallery/hera.html
Chinese Godesses- http://www.nicenet.org/ICA/class/document_show.cfm?document_id=943306
Hathor- http://gvc06temp06.virtualclassroom.org/godgallery/Hathor.html

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:

  1. Hades
  2. Tabaldak
  3. Boogeyman
  4. Hera
  5. Ukko
  6. greece- kistopher
  7. Chinese godess
  8. Aztec
  9. Australian god
  10. Hathor
Short Story


As I was walking down the hallway of Royal Academy, my school in Manhattan, New York, I saw my arch enemy Lorraine. Ugh, she is so cruel. Of course, she was with her posse of super freak wannabees and her really attractive boyfriend Jake. I’ve liked him forever. Actually, I don’t even understand why he is going out with her. Lorraine has a terrible attitude and always wears the bright pink sparkle lip gloss that I loved in grade one. I mean what is that!
“Hey Bridget! How was your weekend? Let me guess was Glam fighting off the bad guys with her extraordinary power.” Said Dylan. She too is a super heroine with a hidden identity and my best friend.
We went to history class, which happens to be my favorite subject, and I pulled out my fuchsia notebook and pink ballpoint pen. I then scribbled down BK and JR in a heart.
“Hey! Do you mind if I sit here?” Said Jake I became even more flushed than my mom’s delicious tomato sauce. Obviously, I said sure, flipped my hair the whole time and flirted like crazy. At the end of that class Jake asked for my digits, I was so excited to hear from him that night.
Like I suspected he called that night at exactly nine p.m. and we planned a date for that coming Friday night.
It was now Friday at three p.m. and I was busy saying goodbye to all my friends and packing up my books for the weekend. My sidekick was ringing so I answered and it was Clarence, my driver. He was waiting outside the front door of the school in the white Mercedes he always drives. While getting into the car I sent a text message to Dylan, asking her for love tips since she is the hero of love. Though she never responded I tucked my sidekick away into the back pocket of my designer knapsack and left the car as we reached the house.
At seven on Friday night, Jake picked me up. He took me to Etoile Bleu, a classy French restaurant that had just opened. We had so much fun that we went to UTDT for some dancing until two a.m.
As we pulled up in front of my large house in his red convertible, I said goodnight and just as I exited the car Jake said Goodnight Glam. I didn’t realize until much later the next day what had occurred and that now my secret was out. I wondered who else knew about my hidden identity, so I instant messaged Dylan to find out some scoop.
We asked around and nobody else knew who Glam was therefore I felt a great feeling of relief. It was now Saturday afternoon and I was out shopping with my friends on Fifth Avenue when I overcame a sudden rush of energy. I had an amazing idea! Jake was supposed to call me at four p.m. to plan another date, but instead, I was going to call him and set him up for a little Glamourama.
I dialed his number on my phone and put on my cute voice seeming so innocent. Tricking him into coming out to my favorite sushi restaurant Yoko, I set up a plan and called Yoko himself. Yoko has known me since I was four. I’ve eaten at his restaurant every Thursday night since my fifth birthday. He owed me because I gave him about 25 new regulars every year. He was going to clear out the restaurant, turn on all the lights, and call family members to come and pretend to be guests eating there. My plan was to come in through the back door and defeat Jake who I now believe is my worst super villain and by far the most attractive one Player.
Everything went perfectly as planned. Yoko’s family members were all sitting at the sushi counter and at the dining tables and Jake walked in right on schedule. Airi, the hostess sat Jake down at a pretty little table by the window. About ten minutes later I saw him look at his watch making sure that he was not too early and I knew it was time. Signaling Yoko to turn off the lights, I walked into the main room and came to the table where Jake was sitting. Jake was so surprised to Glam and he changed into his Player outfit. I was wearing skinny black pants with my killer black sky high heeled boots. He was wearing a basketball jersey with jeans and running shoes. A true player, I thought.
I knew this was going to be a difficult task for me because I just can’t resist the cute guy. I tried my best to concentrate on his ugliest feature.
When Player wasn't looking I spun around and camouflaged to blend into the wall. Player could not find me anywhere but really I was standing right before his eyes.
Oh Glam, where are you hiding said Player in his creepy voice
I didn't say a word because I was determined to win this fight once and for all. It took a few minutes for Player to go into a position that enabled me to do my superpower. His head was facing the other side and his heart facing me. Then at that moment I shot the bullets out of my red polish covered nails and they shot right where I planned. Into his heart. I defeated Player. I won! He was half dead lying on the floor and Yoko slapped me five.
Look like Player got played big time said Yoko in his Japanese accent.
That moment, I called Dylan and told her all about the good news and to celebrate we went and got manicures and pedicures.