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The Fight is ON!!!

Thirty years ago when George Finkleberg was born his parents held him for the first time and he was freezing cold. That is when they realized their son had super powers. Now today George Finkleberg calls himself Mister Ice Cool, he has many powers his best powers are that he has ice control and he could become invisible when he wants to. His minor powers are flight, chameleon, ghost, elasticity, electric control, agility and super speed. Mister Ice Cool is as tall as a giraffe, he also was as much as a hippopotamus. His body suit is the color of ice. He has also developed the smarts of Albert Einstein. Just last week when he heard that there was a gas leak. He rushed to the scene and he saw the Mr. Bad, He was sitting there unscrewing the pipe when he saw Mister Ice Cool. When he tried to run Mister Ice Cool used his ice control to freeze the pipe so the gas would not leak out. When Mr. Bad saw that Mister Ice Cool froze the pipe he used his heat vision to unfreeze it. That’s when the real action started. At the beginning of the fight Mister Ice Cool used his invisibility to hide from Mr. Bad but then Mr. Bad turned on his radar and found him. Mister Ice Cool flew up to the sky Mr. Bad used his rocket launcher to no avail because Mister Ice Cool is immortal. Just when Mr. Bad has Mister Ice Cool cornered he uses his ghost power and walks right threw the wall once both his ghost power and invisibility power run out it’s a fight with sight. Mister Ice Cool sneaks up behind Mr. Bad and punches him with a very strong right hand and now Mr. Bad is knocked out cold on the ground. That was the time that Mister Ice Cool called the police and they took Mr. Bad into custody and fixed the leak for good. Three months later, Mister Ice Cool heard on the news that Mr. Bad escaped from the penitentiary and was coming to the city. The big problem for the city was that the police force was bad and the army was not in town, but some good news for the city is that Mister Ice Cool is ninety-nine percent healed. Just when Mister Ice Cool is thinking about the revenge Mr. Bad will want, Mr. Bad busted through the door and screamed at the top on his lounges “THE FIGHT IS ON!!.” The president had heard about the big fight that is about to happen between the two people who are over one hundred ten feet tall, so he called the army immediately. When the army arrived with the tanks and the helicopters both Mister Ice Cool and Mr. Bad were severally injured. Mister Ice Cool had one arm and one leg broken, but it was even worse for Mr. Bad because he had his back broken witch meant he is paralyzed. Now with his left arm, his bad arm, Mister Ice Cool was taking punches on Mr. Bad. His punches were not that effective so Mr. Bad was not dying. Just at that moment, the leader of the army asked both of them witch one had caused the gas leak and with pride Mr. Bad said “Me” that’s when the army got involved. They started climbing up Mr. Bad’s leg until they reached his face and all of them, including Mister Ice Cool, punched him in the face simultaneously. And he fell flat on his back. Lucky for the army they had parachutes so they did not fall one hundred ten feet they landed nicely on their feet. The next day Mister Ice Cool called the army and thanked them for the help they gave him in the fight. The army replied no problem and thanked him for the help in defeating Mr. Bad. He said no problem it was my duty and that was the end of that. Mister Ice Cool returned to his home and looked for a new villain to stop after he healed. And the army back to their base and told every one about the amazing fight. At the age of eighty six Mister Ice Cool died a tragic death will trying to climb Mount Everest as a dare from his kid. His family and the whole country mourned the loss of their hero for days. The only good news about the death of Mister Ice Cool is that his son will become the next crime stopping hero of this country. We know that he is the next hero of the country because he has already foiled twelve bank robberies and seven house robberies the Finkleberg family is are the hero’s of this country.

Superhero name : Mr. Ice Cool
Gender: Male

Short physical description:
He has a body suit the color of ice. He is over 111 tall. He also weights 12 tons. He also has the brains of Albert Einstien.

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10

Ice Control-10
Elctricity Control-9
Super Speed-10
Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:

(please copy and paste web address)

Boogie Man: http://gvc06temp06.virtualclassroom.org/godgallery/BoogieMan.html
Zeus: http://gvc06temp06.virtualclassroom.org/godgallery/zeus.html
Zac Cimi: http://gvc06temp06.virtualclassroom.org/godgallery/zaccimi.html

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:

Boogie Man
Zac Cimi
Inuit Gods
Chinese Gods
African Gods
Native American Gods
Australian God