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WaterBoy.jpg Superhero name : water boy

Gender: male

Short physical description:
Very short, black hair, blue eyes blue pants/shirt.

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
-Submariner- 6
-telekinesis - 8
-Super strength- 9
- Shape shifter- 4
- flight- 8

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:
No mythological characters inspired me to make my own super hero.
(please copy and paste web address)
- the rainbow snake
- Zeus

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:
- boogie man
- tabaldak
- He-bo
- Jade emperor
- Huehuecoytl
- Quetzalcoatal
- Guan-yu
- Azban
- Zeus
- Rainbow snake

Joe was in his living room watching T.V when all of a sudden he saw a bright object land in his backyard. He went out side to see what it was. When he got close enough he realized that it was a meteor from space. He bent down to touch it. As soon as he was about to, it exploded and he went flying 20 feet into the air. He fell unconscious. Half an hour later he woke up. You would think he would be dead or injured, but strangely enough he felt stronger then ever before. He got up and decided to go inside to call the authorities. When he reached for the door knob the door flew right at him. He just realized he had gained special powers. One of them was telekinesis. Water boy was now created. He spent the rest of the day exploring his new powers…

This story begins when a little boy named, Daniel, was on a trip with his brother, tom, in Hawaii.(they live in California). They were just average people. There was nothing special about them, until December 31st , 2007, New Year. Well what happened was that they were at the party at the hotel with their friends. They were having soft drinks, all the food they could dream of, music, dancing, etc. during the party a volcano was about erupt. The two boys, their friends and everyone at the party had no idea that the volcano was erupting. They just continued the party. Then a young man that was working out in the gym went to his hotel room to get dressed for the celebration (new years eve). As he was putting on his socks, he turned on the radio. And what he heard was not pleasant. He heard that a volcano was going erupt and that the lava could cover the whole island of Hawaii. He quickly got in the elevator and went to advise the staff at the hotel what was happening. They told everyone to go back to their rooms and wait for further notice.
Joe was swimming in his pool at 8:00. he usually finishes at around 8:30. (this was a daily routine). When he was done he went inside to get ready for the new years eve party that he was going to. When he was ready he got into his car. He turned on the radio and the radio hosts would not stop talking about what was happening in Hawaii. He instantly thought to him self that with his super powers he could save the island. That`s exactly what he decided to do. He parked his car back into his garage. He flew (one of his powers) right to the island of Hawaii. He said to him self how can I stop the volcano from erupting.

Joe was now at the hotel that Daniel and tom where at. Joe still didn’t know what to do. A few minutes later he decided that he was going to use his telekinesis power to close the hole at the top of the volcano. He then move all they dirt, rocks, trees and what ever he could find into the hole of the volcano. Every one at the hotel started cheering at clapping. On all the T.V news stations and radios they were talking about water boy.

When you think the story ends there, think again. It could only become worse. The island of Hawaii started to sink. Very slowy the island would go down into the water. Water boys job was not over yet. He shape shifted (one of his other powers) into a cheetah, the he ran as fast as he could to the shore. Joe shape shifted back into a human and dove in to the water he used his submariner power to swin all the way under the island and began to use his super strength (his last power) to push the island back up to the surface of the water. He swam from under the island back to shore. He flew back to the hotel and made sure every one was O.K. he went to talk to tom and Daniel to make sure they were o.k because their parents weren’t with the boys. When he confermed that they were O.K he flew all the way back to his house to go to sleep. As for Daniel and tom, they were up all night dancing and singing until the New Year.

The end