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GummiDawg.jpg Superhero name : Gummi©Dawg®
Gender: Male

Short physical description
  • White, Black, Grey Huskey
  • Red, Blue, White Cape on back
  • A Black Bandana on his nec
  • Blue Eyes

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
Super Strength Rank: 8/10
Flight Rank: 7/10
Super Speed Rank: 10/10
Ice Control Rank: 8/10
Invisibility Rank: 7/10
Paw Power Rank: 9/10

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:

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Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:

My story:

Gummi©Dawg® Palm Beach Crime

Not too long ago, in a city named Palm Beach a F.B.I husky named Gummi©Dawg®. The true hero, the most powerful dog in the world to ever be seen. His Paw Power, the power that struck everyone. It was the most amazing power everyone has ever seen, it was a mixed power that could lead victory against anyone. But does he know one thing, can he defeat it?

It was a cloudy, rainy day perfect for a crime. Just the day for the two most wanted robbers in town, the Grin brothers. They were planning this day this was the big one. The chance to rob the Smith family the richest family in the city of Palm Beach. The plan of the Grin brothers to steal Johnny a nine year old boy, waiting for his parents to come home from work, sitting all alone watching TV. The phone rings, Caller Unknown, Johnny was wondering who could it be, was it one of his parents or friends. He picks up the phone but no one answered until a deep breathing voice appeared. Suddenly a deep voice said “be warned were in the house, beware do not try to run away or else…” and they hung up. Johnny was not terrified at all at least for now. He though it was just one of his friends prank calling him with a buddy as a joke. Until he received a call from his parents work, an unfortunate call. The boss of their parents work called the house and the news was that his mom Alison just got shot. That was the moment the moment there a storm had begun there was a sudden power serge, but only in his home because he looked out the window and wondered why the lights were on the rest of the block but his house.

Gummi©Dawg® sitting in his bed in the Security Department. The crime had just begun, his Paw Power felt it. It was the day, the day they were going to capture the Grin brothers. Gummi©Dawg® ran right out of sight with his super speed, flaming across the city to get too little Johnny’s house.

Alone at home, Johnny wondering what was happening today. Was it still his friends trying to trick him, after all he had never done anything bad to anyone. So what can be going too little Johnny. Johnny herd a sound it sounded like it was coming from his room. He got closer to his room, it was the Nutcracker Song. He loudly screamed with a terrified voice “Is anyone home, mom, dad is that you”. The door bell rings, Johnny terrified, crying for help. Johnny needs a place to hide. Were would no one find him, he just an idea. “The closet” he screamed in joyfulness. He ran to the closet and slowly opened it with silent caution. Blue eyes glowing in the dark right in the middle of his closet. A loud scream came from inside his house it sounded like someone has just been murdered. He jumps in the closet deciding to stay there until someone comes home. “I won’t run away because when I got the call I got a warning not to leave the house. Gummi©Dawg® sitting there with his invisibility power invisible just waiting for Johnny to calm down a bit to show up. Five minutes went by Gummi©Dawg® appeared in front of Johnny and said not to worry. He said “The Grin brothers are in your house trying to rob you and steal you so your parents would panic”. Johnny said “But, my parents are dead”. “They are not dead the Grin brothers were just trying to scare you”. “Gummi©Dawg® I think you have just saved my life you have defeated the Grin brother for the first time ever with all your amazing powers, Thank You so much”. The hero of truth the one that defeated them, the six most important powers Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Ice Control, Invisibility, Paw Power. Downstairs the F.B.I investigating finding both brothers frozen in the basement floor, clueless of what had just happened. Johnny in joy standing and believing his experience that he saw with his own eyes never thinking it would ever happen to him. Screaming “Its over, Its over”. Since that day on no one ever heard of Gummi©Dawg® again until…