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fireball.jpg Superhero name: Fireball
Gender: Male

Short physical description:
Evil person, his powers can be used for good. He left the good side when his parents died fighting the evil Invisistrong.

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
1) Flight 6/10
2) Fire Control 10/10
3) Agility 10/10
4) Super Sight 4/10
5) Power Suit 10/10
6) Invisibility 7/10

Ice, water and he dosn't heal fast.

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:


Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:

SusanowaBoogieManMalsumisBastetRome – Brendan
China - sam and Brianna
Greek - Daniel Alanis
Roman - Ryan Clardy 2 Myths
Caroline's Greek Mythology Research

Trouble in the Jungle

There was once a teenager named Mark Smith, he lived in a family with twin sisters named Heidi and Samantha and his parents David and Dana. His family was a different kind of family; they were unique not like the Simpson’s but they all had super powers! Sam and Heidi were able to freeze anything that got in there way. David was able to hear and see everything; he was a very bright man. Dana has super strength; she could move anything that got in her way. Mark was a different kind a teenager he didn’t want to use his powers. His best power was Fire Control; he was able to burn anything with his Fire gun blaster Canon that came out of his arm. Sometimes Mark had trouble seeing, he’s eyes would randomly got blurry. His family called him Fireball.

Marks parents were very successful people they lived in a nice house in Brooklyn. They owned a gym in Manhattan call Smiths workout house, Mark managed it and Dana worked as one of the trainers. They both loved their job. That wasn’t their only job, they also were superheroes they would battle bad guys and saved people all over New York City who were in trouble.

Mark loved sports; the football coach for the Brooklyn High Bears (his high school) told him he was an amazing runner. The coach asked him to join the team. He was like Forrest Gump he was able to run with out anyone catching him; he would score touch downs every game. His family would came to every game until one day during the championship game against the west Side Wings his parents didn’t show up only his twin sisters were in the stands to cheer him on.

After his team won the game, the score was 27-20. After he got undressed his coach told him to go to the principal’s office. Mark opened the door and saw his sisters sitting there bawling. The principal then said to him “Your parents just died in a car crash”. He really knew they died fighting Evil. Mark ran out of his office crying, he was so angry that his parents wasted their lives fighting evil when they could have not fought. He decided to run away.

Mark ran all the way to a bad part of Manhattan where all the villains lived. He tried to find the person who killed his parents. When he found the guy who killed them he was about to fight him but instead he decided to join him. His name was Invisistrong, His named describes him; he is invisible and strong. Invisistrong decided to give him the name Fireball to describe his best strength shooting people with his fire. Invisistrongs real name is Jesse; he was a really nice bad guy who took the wrong path like Mark. Mark decided to move in with him into Apartment. As a gift for joining the dark side Jesse gave Mark a Super Suit, it was able to protect him from anything but when he didn’t wear it he wasn’t protected it took him a long time to heal.

One day on Mark's 21st birthday, Jesse took him on a ride in the sky. He was flying around Manhattan invisible! He never knew he had these powers but his invisibility wasn’t so great, he was constantly reappearing. On there way back to their home, he saw two pretty women walking home. When they saw them freeze a couple of bad guys, the women called the cops to come and get the villains. They went onto the ground and walked by the women. Mark then realized that those were his sisters! He ran away as fast as he could back to his apartment. When Jesse got home, Mark told him that those were his sisters.

The next day, he saw Jesse frozen on the street. He was about to die so he used his heat to heat him up and he stayed alive. After that, he went to kill his sisters. When he found them in his original home in Brooklyn, he went in his old home invisible. He went inside but everything was so blurry he couldn’t see anything. Without realizing it, he turned out to be standing right in front of his sister. His invisibility disappeared and his sister saw him. Heidi then said “Why did you use your power for bad things, you could have been good.” Sam then used her powers to freeze him, and then they both ran away. After a couple minutes Mark used his Powers to unfreeze himself; and he started chasing after his sisters.

He was now on Broadway Street, and he saw his sister running into a dark alley. He ran into the alley and used his fire blasting Canon to shoot Fireballs at them. After a couple seconds they both died all you could see was there bones. Mark was ashamed of what he had just done. Now he couldn’t leave the dark side. After this day, Mark changed and he fought everyone on the good side, never losing a fight. He decided that he was going to take over the world! He started conquering cities all over America with Invisistrong. He would fly in the sky shooting buildings with his fire power.

After conquering Asia, Europe, North America and South America, he arrived in the jungle. He started talking to the animals like a normal human and then he attacked. Fireball and Invisistrong killed all the animals but not one the queen of the jungle; Lion Woman. He thought he would be a piece of cake killing a half human, half lion. Fireball pulled out the fire blasting Canon and shot the Lion women, she reflected the fire back at Invisistrong; it hit him in the chests. Fireball realized that Lion Woman just killed his side kick. Before he could run away the Fire Woman made him stop. She said “if you don't stop I’ll kill you with my super strong powers". He realized he some how knew Lion Woman, but he didn't know how. Lion Woman told Fireball “I am your mother Mark, do you remember me? My name is Dana". Fireball had one question it was “Where’s dad?" Dana Replied "He died, my super strong powers helped me stay alive, I wasn't able to save dad from Invisistrong". Dana started to cry, she said " Mark can you come back home, we'll be on the good side, we'll live together, will live the life we never lived before." Fireball accepted the offer; he joined the good side after all.