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astonashingboy.jpg Superhero name : Astonishing Boy
Gender: Male

Short physical description:
Astonishing Boy had brown ear length hair. He is medium sized, blue eyes and a small nose. He wears a red, blue and white super suit with an A on his chest.
Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
X-ray vision, Strong telekinetic powers, Ability to duplicate himself, super human strength, ability to fly, Elasticity
Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:
(Please copy and paste web address) Greek – Daniel Alanis
South American and Mexican Mythology
(please copy and paste web address)

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:
1. Zeus
2. Jupiter
3. Amaterasu
4. Uranus
5. Yingarna
6. Jade
7. Sedna
8. The Mayans
9. Eshu Eleggua
10. Altjira

Superhero story:
The Story of Astonishing Boy

This is a story about a young boy named Ralf Henderson. Ralf is only 9 years old. He goes to a public school called L.P. Academy. Ralf always thought that he was a superhero and preferred to be called Astonishing Boy. When he was at school he even dressed like a superhero.

Ralf wore a cape with a red, white and blue super suit everyday to school. Ralf had no friends because of what he wore. The kids in school always though that he was weird, but he didn’t care about what they all said about him. He had a dream that the next time the world is in danger that he will save everyone and be called a true hero.

Ralf thought that if he ever had real super powers that his five main powers would be telekinesis, super strength, the ability to fly, laser beam eyes and elasticity.

One morning while going to school Ralf heard on the radio in the car that the most evil villain Man Eater was coming to destroy his town and then the rest of the world. He immediately knew that this was his only chance to prove himself but nobody thought that he could actually get superpowers. He spent all day and night trying to get real superpowers but he just couldn’t. Then he said “Well I guess superpowers aren’t real” and he went to bed. He was very upset because he thought that his dreams would never come true.

The next morning he felt very strange feelings in eyes, bones and muscles. Could it be that my wish came true? Ralf asked himself. He could never tell anyone what he was thinking. So instead of walking downstairs for breakfast, he thought the hardest he could to see what his mom was making. He got his answer – Pop Tarts! At this point Ralf thought maybe his wish did come true, so next he decided that since his room was on the bottom floor, he’d try to jump out to see if he could fly. Well not only was he able to fly, but he had all of the other powers he wished for.

Now that his wish finally came true he had to put it in action to save the world. He couldn’t tell anyone because he had no friends and nobody would believe him. He was on his own. The Astonishing Boy was finally here to save the world. But how or what should he do.

Ralf remembered reading all of his super hero comics and decided that the best thing to do was to find out where the Man Eater was, what he was doing and what his weakness was. With Ralf’s ability to read peoples minds he was able to find Man Eater and track him down. The next day Ralf was ready to battle Man Eater. Ralf went to Man Eater’s underground cave and he heard him talking to these huge robots telling them to destroy the rest of his city this afternoon.

At this point Ralf knew he had to do something right away. Ralf used all of his powers by lifting the robots and using his super strength and throwing them all into space. Now he was alone with Man Eater. He used his laser beam eyes to burn a hole through the safety door that Man Eater had to get into his control room. Once inside, he was quiet and with his telekinesis he knew what Man Eater was going to do next. It was the red button!! Man Eater had a red button that once he pushed was going to launch rockets and blow up the world.

The Astonishing Boy knew what to do. He was chewing the same gum all day long and really didn’t know what to do with it. Here was his chance to put it somewhere. He threw the gum and it jammed the button when Man Eater was pushing it. When he wasn’t looking Astonishing Boy took him and threw him into space with his evil robots.

The world was safe. At last he could finally show everyone that superpowers do exist and that he wasn’t weird. He will be known as a hero to everyone in the world, without Astonishing boy the world would have came to an end. The next day Ralf was awarded a medal of courage by the town and also became the most popular kid in school. Now everyone in the school wears a cape and supersuit just like Ralf. If any villain or anyone tries to mess with Ralf Henderson or the rest of the world he’ll be ready.

The End