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Atlantis.jpg Superhero Name: Atlantis

Gender: Female

Short physical description:
Platinum blonde hair
Icy-grey eyes with a hint of turquoise
Lost princess of Atlantis City
Tanned Skin
Luscious lips
Slim and Thin

Powers – At least 5 – Must give rank of out of 10
Flight –10
Intellect- 10
She can change her looks- 10
Magic- 10
Agility- 10

Reference – Which 3 mythological characters in the God Gallery inspired this superhero:

Chinese Goddesses-
Amaterasu -
(please copy and paste web address)

Please list the 10 gods and goddesses that you read about in the god gallery or in the documents section of Nicenet:
1 Hades
2 Susanoo
3 Boogeyman
4 Hathor
5 Hera
6 Athena
7 Aztec
8 Zeus
9 Chinese
10 Orochi

Clashing of the Heros
As I fly in a cinema in London, England, I meet up with my best friend, Violet. We've been such good friends since the time I helped her defeat a demon vampire. We were planning on watching movies after grad and putting Susan Moore, the ex-Clifton High School Queen, in a tree, but a demon called Dark Lantern came to eat electricity. He's really annoying! He keeps shocking us!
"Atlantis, try to freeze him ultimately! Then, melt him!" I immidiately did so, and Dark Lantern was a goner!
"Good job, Vi!" We grin and immidiately groaned. We spend the time cleaning up, then brainwashing everyone. We turned back time and decided to go home instead and rent a movie. We make some popcorn with parsley which sounds really weird, but actually tastes really good! We watch a movie or two, and started to talk over life.
"Ohmigod, Kirsten, tommorow is the first day of summer and college!! I can't believe Susan Moore is actually going to Clifton College
with us!"
"I know what you mean, but Clifton Elementary, Clifton High School, and Clifton College are a) the best schools in London and b) really cheap! Plus, since most of our old class are going to Toronto for college, she won't be queen any longer!"
Violet sighs, and I know that she knows I'm right. She flips her long black hair and we go to sleep.
The next day, we go to the beach. Susan Moore is there, wearing the briefest of tankinis, and doesn't dare approach us. We talk, then freeze time and dive into the beach. We splash around and relax while I ease into my aqua mermaid form. If you must know, I come from the underwater city, Atlantis, where I am the princess. When I am in water, I can change back to my real form, which is basically the same, only as a mermaid.
"Er...Kirsten? Something's in the water." Vi flies out with eyes flashing and she's plenty mad. She gives a groan that comes out like a snarl, and plops down beside me. I don't know what's up, but I quickly cast a bubble shield with some oxygen for emergencies. I check her for any possible injuries and see that she's been hit by some kind of magic. Looking up, I see Dracula. Strange, I think, isn't he dead?! Without any time to think, Dracula blasts us out of the bubble and knocks us unconscious.
"Good job. Swell."
"Jason, I said I was sorry!"
"Sorry isn't good enough, Meghan!"
"Well, they were in the way of my training!"
"I don't care! Don't you see the spot on their foreheads?! It means that they're fully-trained superheroes, like me, healing from a dark magic blast! If people find out you're been using your dark magic powers, they'll execute you! That's why they're training you to be a white mage!!"
"Jase, you're so uncool! How can you be my bro???"
"SHHH!!! This one's awake!" I open my eyes and see a handsome guy around my age (tan skin, tousled dirty blond hair, and gorgeous blue eyes) and a girl, maybe 13 (black hair, the whitest skin, and flashy amethyst-like eyes). I smile.
"What am I doing here? Hey!" I suddenly recognize the girl. "You're the one that almost killed me! I know it wasn't by accident, because the blast was so accurate that my shield disappeared. Plus, you saw our faces!" <Jason> looks at <Meghan> and sighs.
"Sorry!! You know black magic gets out of whack; I am Dracula's heir! Please don't lock me in another shed until my magic disappears for a month again! "
"I don't know!!!
Let me think!!," says Jason. Angry, <Meghan>starts randomly floating in the air, her amethyst eyes going ruby red, her black hair shooting out like Cruela's in the 101 Dalmations, and the white skin went even whiter, if that's possible! Her ruby red eyes shot out hot red rays, and with a final harumph, she left the small cottage.
"Aren't you worried???" He looks at me, then says:"Not really. She's no longer pure and this isn't the first time anyways. She'll cope by herself and end up going to some place like Canada. She IS born there, you know." I look at him, a bit disturbed, but whatever. All of a sudden, Violet awakes and says:"Huh?" We all burst into laughter and get ice-cream.

The End.